Our Sabani Tour

The wooden sailing boat “Sabani” once plied the seas of Okinawa.

It is the wisdom of the island’s ancestors who lived in the sea of Okinawa.

The “Sabani” catches the wind and starts running in the sea.

The colourful sea and sky spread out in front of you.

Surrounding by the silence of the water and the sound of the wind.

An experience that connects you to the nature and traditions of Okinawa awaits you.

Sabani Sailing School

Sabani” are wooden sailing boats that once plied the waters of Okinawa. The wind is caught by the sails, and the boat is steered with a wake (paddle). Try to steer the Sabani freely over the coral reef sea! Experience the traditional skills and feel the harmony of the Okinawa sea.

After certification, you will be able to participate in special tours such as island crossing sailing. You will need to take a certification test at least 3 times.

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Sailing & Snorkeling

This course includes a Savani Ride to the coral reef point around the Hirakubo area for snorkeling.

Lots of fish living in the colourful coral reefs await you!

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The beautiful sea and the pleasant breeze of Okinawa are in your hands.


Savani Ride to enjoy the nature of Hirakubo Area. Land on a private beach only accessible by boat! The beach is soft and sandy and is yours for the taking!

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Sunset Sailing

A course to watch the sunset that turns the nature of the Hirakubo Peninsula into vermilion! The view of the sunset from a quietly sailing Sabani is very romantic!

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  • 小人1名 ¥2,500
  • 所要時間 90分
  • 最小催行人数 2名


  • 小人1名 ¥3,000
  • 所要時間 90分
  • 最小催行人数 2名


  • 海況・その他の事情により、ツアーを中止する場合がございます。
  • 催行中止の場合は、お客様の携帯に、ご連絡致します。​
  • お客様のご都合でのキャンセル、変更の場合つきましては早めにご連絡ください。
  •  ※直前のキャンセルの場合はキャンセル料が発生する場合があります。


10:00 / 13:00 / 15:00 / Sunset



  • 濡れてもいい服装でご参加ください!
  • 乗船の際に砂浜からの乗船となります。
  • 足元が濡れますので濡れても良い格好をご用意ください。​
  • 日中は日焼け対策を!日中は日差しが強いので帽子、長袖やラッシュガード等をご用意ください。​​
  • 送迎はありませんので、集合場所(吉田サバニ造船)まで直接お越しください。​



  • 集合場所は下記の住所・地図をご参照ください。
  • 出発時間の30分前にはご到着ください。

吉田サバニ造船(YOSHIDA Sabani/Ku-ra Sabani Tour)


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